Love Your Walls! JET TEX – PicturePod


Picturepod - Jet Tex Design copy

Understand About Jet Tex!

Jet Tex is an eco-friendly fabric from the Evergreen Fabrics range that is flame retardant and printable on 1 side by digital printing using solvent, UV and Latex inks.

Jet Tex is an excellent flame retardant fabric, glare-free, PVC free, Formaldehydes free, Phosphates free, Glycol ether free; thus a perfect fabric for interior decoration as well as wall covering, shop design, POS pictures, and reproduction of paintings offering excellent printability using any digital printing technology in the market. Colours are bright and clear with no reflection or glare, due to mat, satin finish.

Jet Tex is a natural looking fabric that is lightweight, non reflective and anti-curling. It is ideal for interior use such as for wallpaper, wall coverings, for the reproduction of paintings, window display backdrops, displays, roll-ups, kakemonos, point of sale displays and for the decoration and design of stands.

If you want to Create your Own Art by just click and then Buy then PicturePod made it easier. provide Best Price in Jet Tex – Wall Covers so Don’t wait, just be in touch with us now.

What you need to do is just logon to and customize your art. Or call us 055 47 27 446 or write to us


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