Are you Dreaming About Wall Coverings For a New Apartment

For many years, the choices in wall coverings have been easy – paint, wall paper or paneling. Most people stop at picking paint colors and some house owners love wallpaper, using it for borders, an accent wall and several rooms. Luxury homes use wood paneling but that’s not an option for most homeowners. In recent years, the choices in wall coverings has exploded, starting with homes designed by decorators … with many of their ideas flowing into new products for any homeowner.
wall coverings can be difficult to find

Challenges When Picking Wall Coverings

With paint, once you’ve picked your shading and complete, you may have a couple of more choices to make like painting the roof (yes), and perhaps the trim. As I’ve never been content with the gathering of fine art over the white lounge chair (too little), I began to investigate utilizing a geometric wallpaper for that divider.

That is the point at which I found that open idea floor arranges, where one room mixes into the following, represent some one of a kind difficulties. The lounge divider streams into the lounge area, where there are a few windows further entangling matters. So perhaps this was all great since now we’ve chosen to move to Arizona and where some time recently, I was centered around a solitary divider and finding the right wallpaper from Customized Walls, now I have a whole house to enliven.

picking any divider compositions is a test and various divider covers is significantly harder




Nowadays Choices in Wall Coverings

You might think decorating a new house is exciting but right now it feels scary. You might think I’m prepared for all the decisions that will need to be made and yet, I’m as overwhelmed as any other homeowners and maybe more. Because I write about all things related to the home, and take hundreds of photos

I am overloaded
… with so many choices in wall coverings!

You see I like to organize the information I share here at Home Tips. Right now I can’t figure out how to organize all the different wall coverings I’ve seen over the last 6 months, so here are some of my favorites and what I like, and what scares me.

When Wall Coverings Aren’t Your Best Option

Think about the purpose of great wall coverings. You want something beautiful to look at, right? Sometimes there’s a great view just outside a room and all you need to do is put in a bigger window or two. What do you see when you look at this room? The windows along with a great view are the things that pop out at you, and if you had any other wall treatments, they might detract from the serenity of this bedroom.

wall coverings are less important with oversized windows & great views

Accent Walls Allow You to Be Bold
Many homeowners are afraid to pick bold colors and it can be daunting, as we don’t have a lot of experience with bold colors on all 4 walls (see a bold red kitchen – family room). The best way to balance out the use of bold paint colors and wall paper, is to create an accent wall balanced with more neutral colors on the other 3 walls. There are several wall coverings you can use to create an accent wall:

Pick a bold paint color for one wall.

Use wallpaper to make a striking look on one divider.

Screens that can likewise be utilized as a room divider, can likewise function as an accent divider.

strong divider covers function admirably as a solitary, accent divider

You may think hanging boards or draperies is a modest adorning strategy that won’t work in your home and you would not be right! Inside fashioners are utilizing this methodology on top of the line extravagance homes like the Dubai International Property Show at Dubai Trade Center 2016 . In case you’re investing any energy in Houzz or Google+, you’re seeing bunches of houses with glass dividers that reach out from the floor to the roof. There are times where these property holders need security, and that is when full divider draperies bode well.

wall coverings can be as simple as curtains

Ready blog to add some creative wall coverings in your home? … email your photos to share here. We are glad to hear from you and you can contact us for wallpapers in Dubai, UAE on


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