A Robot that prints cool designs on your nails in seconds

Nailbot - Picturepod copy

Nailbot is a smartphone-controlled robot from tech company Preemadonna that instantly prints custom art on your nails. The company hopes the Nailbot will inspire young girls to learn about tech and design.

Preemadonna team said “We often like feeling beautiful — this is what the traditional beauty culture understands so well,” said Preemadonna co-founder Pree Walia. “But can we derive substance from this seeming superficiality? Can we redefine inspirational beauty? If we are going to paint nails with a robot, then we are going to teach girls how we built our devices and have them contribute to this community to make it better for others.”

Preemadonna is currently accepting waitlist orders for the Nailbot.

Dubai, the technology fast growing city, we can expect this product launch soon. We hope that all leading Digital Printing and Design companies in Dubai, UAE would be eagerly waiting for this product as well as the coolest technology!! No doubt the Girls in UAE who is into fashion, this news is something which they awaits.

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