Canvas has become the ‘media of choice’ for most artists today. What has changed is the way we put paint and ink onto the canvas.

With modern technology we can now use ‘INK JET’ printers to produce incredible pieces of art. Purists may say that this is not true art, that you can’t express feelings through a ‘print’.

Years ago artist would have used layers of linen and lead white paint polished to produce a surface to paint on. But cotton canvas is a more versatile medium, it can stretch better than linen and because of its structure will last for hundreds of yeaers.

But because of the uneven surface, artists like the texture and feel of canvas, and its possible to still use that texture but apply the ink using a machine instead of using hands and a brush.

An artist can express his feelings and thoughts by painting onto canvas. And his work will last thousands of years to leave an indellible mark on history. It will give years of pleasure and intrigue to whoever views his work. It can be imortalised by hanging in a famous gallery, like ‘THE TATE’ or hang in a families home.

But you can still fulfill that inbred desire to express yourself and record it for history by using photography. Just look at the famous photographers around the world and how thier images are displayed in magazines newspapers – and galleries.

Also the fact that you can reproduce an image, thousands of people, possibly millions will be able to enjoy that picture in they’re own homes. Its possible to have a Rembrandt, Turner or Canaletto on your own wall.

We cant all afford an ‘old master’ on our living room walls but we can have our own piece of history by having a canvas print of that image whether it be of the Mona Lisa or your childs hand painting, it will bring pleasure to the view and bring lasting memories.

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