Picture POD lets you drape your walls with Customized Wallpaper

Picture POD lets you drape your walls with Customized Wallpaper that reflect your distinctive taste in décor. You can select prints, colours and patterns for your wallpaper that match your brand, your interiors or your mood and breathe a new life into your home and office space.

Wallpapers make lasting impressions and they are the surest way to give any room a trendy makeover, however, selecting a wallpaper can feel like a chore, especially when you are limited by standard, dull patterns. So, why not print your own using the Evergreen fabrics from Dickson Coatings (France) which is eco-friendly, PVC free, flame retardant and non-reflective. Picture POD has a team of designers that help you in creating the perfect print for your walls so you can let your walls truly be a reflection of your unique persona.

Picture POD’s Smart Editor gives you a wide range of patterns, prints and shapes with the option to change their color and size to suit your walls.

Whether you are looking for custom wallpaper for your home or office, Picture POD can turn your vision into a reality by creating the custom look that you want. Simply upload an image to the ‘Smart Editor’ to see the layout of your design on walls, you can rely on our experts to provide the support that your designs need.

Installing Dubai’s skyline in a hotel lobby

Your work space is the physical embodiment of your aspirations and a mirror to your clients and guests. In a recent installation our client, a 5-star hotel, wanted to change the look of their lobby. The client wanted a wallpaper that showcased Dubai, its high-rise buildings and skyline but in a minimalistic manner which matched the colours of their décor. Picture POD team worked with the client to create the 10 meters X 2.7 meters wallpaper, on the Evergreen fabrics from Dickson Coatings with Jet Tex – Blanc texture. Matt finish of the wallpaper was a perfect match for the client’s furniture, décor and elevated the interiors in a cohesive manner.

Simply upload your Artwork on the Smart Editor to have a visual of the final product and edit if you wish to.

Creating a ‘forest’ window in a school’s office.

In another interesting installation, Picture POD was given the task of creating a wallpaper that looked like a window to greenery and outdoors. The client, one of the most popular schools in Dubai, wanted to change the dull look of their office by adding the image of a calm, green forest to one wall. PicturePOD worked with the client to create this 8 meters X 2.6 meters wall cover in Jet Tex- Blanc texture whose matt finish transformed the space. The vivid colors, clear printing, and perfect adhesion ensured that the image seemed lifelike. At Picture POD, we use high-quality, fade-resistant inks that will stay beautifully vibrant for years to come.

Customers can edit their images, artwork or designs on the Smart Editor and compare the versions before making a final decision.



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