Picture Pod uses ChromaLuxe, the leading brand of sublimation print media providing ultimate image clarity and vibrancy. Through dye-sublimation, images are infused into specially coated surfaces to provide the most durable, longest lasting print medium.

Whether you are a professional photographer or fine artist, architect or designer or even an amateur photographer Picture Pod brings a wide range of substrates ideal for everything from the highest quality fine art printing, for home decor, to multiple interior design usages.


For many years canvas and acrylic prints have been very popular for home wall decor. ChromaLuxe is the new acrylic or canvas! If you are looking for large prints to decorate your walls, ChromaLuxe provides a stunning masterpiece to hang in your home – the better way of presenting your photographs as high end wall decor.

Aluminum panels are lightweight, durable, made with recycled material and 100% recyclable. They are the perfect medium for displaying artwork and photography in a variety of applications from residential to commercial usage.

The prints pop with color rendering an almost 3 dimensional effect. These are easy to hang because they are not heavy and are easy to wipe clean.

Why Metal Prints?





Color Brilliance – Images are infused directly into our specialty coated metal sheets, creating unsurpassed color vibrancy and resolution.





Scratch Resistant – Unique substrates and coatings provide incredible scratch and abrasion resistance.





Fade Resistant – The latest fade testing shows that our prints will last a lifetime with resistance to yellowing and climate damage.





Lightweight – All of our products are lightweight and extremely durable, making transportation and display easier than ever before.





Flame Resistant – All ChromaLuxe products meet ASTM standards for flame spread and smoke development.





Easy to clean – Our metal prints can be wiped clean with a cloth and any all-purpose cleaner, allowing your image to shine hassle free.

But there is also a whole range of smaller sizes which are great for photos of your family, your kids or pets.   Create gallery quality wall art by pairing multiple metal panels/prints together. Use multiple images to create a collage or one image across the series.

Get all of these done at www.picturepod.ae where we offer you the freedom and flexibility to Upload, Customize & Print!

Feel free to drop us a note on info@picturepod.ae or ring us on +971 55 45 33 068, should you require any clarifications or assistance.

Go Unique with Picture Pod!


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