Canvas has become the ‘media of choice’ for most artists today. What has changed is the way we put paint and ink onto the canvas.

With modern technology we can now use ‘INK JET’ printers to produce incredible pieces of art. Purists may say that this is not true art, that you can’t express feelings through a ‘print’.

Years ago artist would have used layers of linen and lead white paint polished to produce a surface to paint on. But cotton canvas is a more versatile medium, it can stretch better than linen and because of its structure will last for hundreds of yeaers.

But because of the uneven surface, artists like the texture and feel of canvas, and its possible to still use that texture but apply the ink using a machine instead of using hands and a brush.

An artist can express his feelings and thoughts by painting onto canvas. And his work will last thousands of years to leave an indellible mark on history. It will give years of pleasure and intrigue to whoever views his work. It can be imortalised by hanging in a famous gallery, like ‘THE TATE’ or hang in a families home.

But you can still fulfill that inbred desire to express yourself and record it for history by using photography. Just look at the famous photographers around the world and how thier images are displayed in magazines newspapers – and galleries.

Also the fact that you can reproduce an image, thousands of people, possibly millions will be able to enjoy that picture in they’re own homes. Its possible to have a Rembrandt, Turner or Canaletto on your own wall.

We cant all afford an ‘old master’ on our living room walls but we can have our own piece of history by having a canvas print of that image whether it be of the Mona Lisa or your childs hand painting, it will bring pleasure to the view and bring lasting memories.

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Personalize your space


Let your imaginations run wild with Picture Pod. Now you have the flexibility of draping your walls without limiting your creativity! Just about any decal, be it…

a memorable moment of your kid…an illustration… 
that favorite cartoon “hero”… 
a historic icon… 
or simply your face in sketch…

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Latest Invention – A Revolutionary Pen with Your choosen Color

Digital stylus scribble pen copy

The front entryway on our 100-year-old house is painted an incredible shade of red, yet there’s a major chip out of it. I’ve been needing to touch up the spot, yet how to get the right paint shading? A photograph would be off track, and I’m somewhat reluctant to rub off another, greater chip to take to the paint store.

Before long, I – and all who have shading issues – may have an answer. It’s known as the Scribble and it’s another sort of pen that can test any shading you point it at and afterward let you attract that shading. There are two sorts of Scribbles arranged: one with an ink cartridge that will give you a chance to draw on paper with your caught shading, and a stylus form that will give you a chance to sprinkle shading around on your cell phone’s screen when the Scribble+ application is introduced.

Both forms will utilize Bluetooth innovation or Micro-USB links to speak with your PC and different gadgets, and will quantify around 6.3 creeps in length. A Scribble pen utilizes 16-bit shading sensors to test the world and can amass to 100,000 distinctive hues.

The form that draws on paper has an inherent ink cartridge that will squirt the right blend of hues into a blending chamber before it goes on to the page. The pens themselves will likewise be accessible in an assortment of body hues, natch.

The innovators of the gadget, Mark Barker and Robert Hoffman, will soon be dispatching a Kickstarter battle to finance their gadget. Early sponsor will get 20 percent off the arranged cost of $149.95 (generally £89, AU$160) for the ink variant and $79.95 (generally £48, AU$85) for the stylus. Intrigued people can join on the Scribble site to be informed of the battle kickoff by email.

I’d think craftsmen would love a doohickey like this. How cool would it be to paint a blossom with a pen that takes the accurate hues from nature and puts them down on a bit of paper? For another utilization, in a public statement about the pens, an inside decorator from Boston referred to strangely as “Emily G.” says: “This would be the ideal gadget to help me effectively sweep and spare shading tests for customer presentations. Having the capacity to rapidly coordinate existing hues off dividers and swatches with the Scribble Pen will be splendid.”

All in all, you should? What might you utilize this force pen for? Tell me in the remarks underneath.

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Do you say YES or NO Wallpaper - YES or NO Wallpaper

Wallpaper is one of those sensitive subjects in inside configuration – it is possible that you cherish it or scorn it. We would all be able to review a dated or ugly establishment that has made us dread it forever. Possibly it’s been the issue of the dull flower and paisley at the “enchanting ” quaint little inn, or perhaps your Aunt Fathima run damask dark on gold number in her lounge area that looked more like the getting parlor of a menial bordello. Startling? Yes!

Then again, wallpaper or the mechanically precise divider covers have enhanced the dividers of the most excellent and chic rooms the world over. Selecting a proper divider covering includes an idea of shading, scale, example, composition and the kind of room and wellspring of light.

Wallpaper has been around the length of history itself. Since 200 BC, China had been using rice paper stuck to the dividers of their homes. With the approach of papermaking around 100 AD, wallpaper was conceived. This idea spread all through the world. Arabians substituted paper strands for bamboos, reeds and woods in with the general mish-mash. By the twelfth Century, wallpaper had advanced toward Europe, and to the Americas by the 1730s. So far, wallpapers were printed by hand, and accordingly saved for uncommon undertakings.

In the late eighteenth Century, the French designed a wallpaper making machine, and in this way making the products feasible for bigger rooms. Louis XVI issued a pronouncement putting forward the length of a wallpaper move to 34 feet, a standard that is about the same today. Amid the twentieth Century in the U.S., the further improvement of mechanics made it wallpaper accessible to the masses.

Wallpaper has been in and out of style, as finicky as hemlines, consistently. Today, divider covers are without a doubt affected by design and workmanship. Accessible in a heap of materials running from high quality workmanship paper, sand, plug, mica chip, strings and even shells, today’s divider covers don’t disillusion.

Can’t locate the ideal divider covering? Why not outline your own? Organizations, for example, Spoonflower, Design Your Own Walls and Printed Wallpaper Company can help you make your ideal configuration. Motivations can originate from a lovely photo, or view from a get-away, to an accurate match of your bed materials or drapery. Your innovativeness is your lone breaking point.

For those that are more gallant and trial, divider covering can be made from antique books prints, old maps, photocopies of most loved pictures, blessing wrapping paper and pages out of magazines all amassed in an example or collection style.

Any surface can be wallpapered, dividers, roofs, staircase risers. Be that as it may, be sensible with how much wallpaper you introduce. Not each surface should be secured. Generally your home will be that unnerving spot everybody is reluctant to visit. Your visitor will likely be excessively kind, making it impossible to let you know generally, however believe me on this one.

Not that I am against DIY activities or weekend warriors, however a flawless establishment can either represent the moment of truth a divider covering. Spend a minimal expenditure on an expert installer, your home will love you for it, and you will love your home. gathered designs from professional world-famous artists. We are here to cator your need to make your home and office most appealing. Get Wide Range of wallpaper online, Adhesive & Non-Adhesive Wallcovers, Premium german quality at Best Price in Dubai,UAE | Buy now on


Personalize your space – Faceme_decal

Let your imaginations run wild with Picture Pod. Now you have the flexibility of draping your walls without limiting your creativity! Just about any decal, be it…

a memorable moment of your kid…an illustration… 
that favorite cartoon “hero”… 
a historic icon… 
or simply your face in sketch…

Our team of designers can help you with the layout and application.

A Robot that prints cool designs on your nails in seconds

Nailbot - Picturepod copy

Nailbot is a smartphone-controlled robot from tech company Preemadonna that instantly prints custom art on your nails. The company hopes the Nailbot will inspire young girls to learn about tech and design.

Preemadonna team said “We often like feeling beautiful — this is what the traditional beauty culture understands so well,” said Preemadonna co-founder Pree Walia. “But can we derive substance from this seeming superficiality? Can we redefine inspirational beauty? If we are going to paint nails with a robot, then we are going to teach girls how we built our devices and have them contribute to this community to make it better for others.”

Preemadonna is currently accepting waitlist orders for the Nailbot.

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Are you Dreaming About Wall Coverings For a New Apartment

For many years, the choices in wall coverings have been easy – paint, wall paper or paneling. Most people stop at picking paint colors and some house owners love wallpaper, using it for borders, an accent wall and several rooms. Luxury homes use wood paneling but that’s not an option for most homeowners. In recent years, the choices in wall coverings has exploded, starting with homes designed by decorators … with many of their ideas flowing into new products for any homeowner.
wall coverings can be difficult to find

Challenges When Picking Wall Coverings

With paint, once you’ve picked your shading and complete, you may have a couple of more choices to make like painting the roof (yes), and perhaps the trim. As I’ve never been content with the gathering of fine art over the white lounge chair (too little), I began to investigate utilizing a geometric wallpaper for that divider.

That is the point at which I found that open idea floor arranges, where one room mixes into the following, represent some one of a kind difficulties. The lounge divider streams into the lounge area, where there are a few windows further entangling matters. So perhaps this was all great since now we’ve chosen to move to Arizona and where some time recently, I was centered around a solitary divider and finding the right wallpaper from Customized Walls, now I have a whole house to enliven.

picking any divider compositions is a test and various divider covers is significantly harder




Nowadays Choices in Wall Coverings

You might think decorating a new house is exciting but right now it feels scary. You might think I’m prepared for all the decisions that will need to be made and yet, I’m as overwhelmed as any other homeowners and maybe more. Because I write about all things related to the home, and take hundreds of photos

I am overloaded
… with so many choices in wall coverings!

You see I like to organize the information I share here at Home Tips. Right now I can’t figure out how to organize all the different wall coverings I’ve seen over the last 6 months, so here are some of my favorites and what I like, and what scares me.

When Wall Coverings Aren’t Your Best Option

Think about the purpose of great wall coverings. You want something beautiful to look at, right? Sometimes there’s a great view just outside a room and all you need to do is put in a bigger window or two. What do you see when you look at this room? The windows along with a great view are the things that pop out at you, and if you had any other wall treatments, they might detract from the serenity of this bedroom.

wall coverings are less important with oversized windows & great views

Accent Walls Allow You to Be Bold
Many homeowners are afraid to pick bold colors and it can be daunting, as we don’t have a lot of experience with bold colors on all 4 walls (see a bold red kitchen – family room). The best way to balance out the use of bold paint colors and wall paper, is to create an accent wall balanced with more neutral colors on the other 3 walls. There are several wall coverings you can use to create an accent wall:

Pick a bold paint color for one wall.

Use wallpaper to make a striking look on one divider.

Screens that can likewise be utilized as a room divider, can likewise function as an accent divider.

strong divider covers function admirably as a solitary, accent divider

You may think hanging boards or draperies is a modest adorning strategy that won’t work in your home and you would not be right! Inside fashioners are utilizing this methodology on top of the line extravagance homes like the Dubai International Property Show at Dubai Trade Center 2016 . In case you’re investing any energy in Houzz or Google+, you’re seeing bunches of houses with glass dividers that reach out from the floor to the roof. There are times where these property holders need security, and that is when full divider draperies bode well.

wall coverings can be as simple as curtains

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Love Your Walls! JET TEX – PicturePod


Picturepod - Jet Tex Design copy

Understand About Jet Tex!

Jet Tex is an eco-friendly fabric from the Evergreen Fabrics range that is flame retardant and printable on 1 side by digital printing using solvent, UV and Latex inks.

Jet Tex is an excellent flame retardant fabric, glare-free, PVC free, Formaldehydes free, Phosphates free, Glycol ether free; thus a perfect fabric for interior decoration as well as wall covering, shop design, POS pictures, and reproduction of paintings offering excellent printability using any digital printing technology in the market. Colours are bright and clear with no reflection or glare, due to mat, satin finish.

Jet Tex is a natural looking fabric that is lightweight, non reflective and anti-curling. It is ideal for interior use such as for wallpaper, wall coverings, for the reproduction of paintings, window display backdrops, displays, roll-ups, kakemonos, point of sale displays and for the decoration and design of stands.

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Things that I Need To Consider Before Deciding To Buy A Wallpaper |

Choosing to wallpaper can be alarming for the beginner, however it doesn’t need to be in the event that you remember a couple of things before you begin. Altogether read this rundown of tips and be headed to wallpapering like a professional.

Picturepod - Fixing Wallpaper UAE copy
1. Order All at Once

Arrange all the wallpaper you hope to require in the meantime. When it arrives, twofold check the part numbers to guarantee everything originates from the same run. Diverse runs can have somewhat different colors and won’t generally coordinate, which can look unattractive on your walls.

2. Use Lining Paper

Think about hanging as a medium-weight lining paper on the divider before hanging your wallpaper. Lining paper will keep the wallpaper from wrinkling or extending and help the glue to dry speedier. Besides, it will give you great practice for hanging paper in case you’re simply starting.

3. Hide Alignment Mistakes

Apply a one-inch stripe of white paint along the highest point of the divider before wallpapering over dull paint or wallpaper. Along these lines, it won’t be as recognizable if your wallpaper neglects to adjust precisely at the highest point of the divider.

4. Get Your Tools First

Accumulate all your vital instruments before beginning. These will incorporate a crease roller, wallpaper smoother or brush, a craftsman’s level, a couple push pins, steel measuring tape, scissors, a long plate filled 66% full with tepid water, a wet wipe, a container of water, an expansive putty blade, and an utility blade.

5. Use Plastic Instead of Newspaper

Try not to utilize daily papers to cover your gluing table. The ink from the wet daily paper could recolor the wallpaper and make it unusable. Rather than taking a chance with the waste, cover the table with a plastic tablecloth or dropcloth.

6. Use a Plumb Bob or Level to Keep Your Wallpaper Straight

House walls are not generally idealize right points. To guarantee that your wallpaper is straight, you should make a plumb line from which you quantify the arrangement of the paper. This should be possible by utilizing an extraordinary gadget called a plumb bounce or a craftsman’s level.

Regardless of the fact that you utilize a plumb bounce to make your first line, keep a woodworker’s level convenient. Use it to twofold watch that your wallpaper is straight. Else, it could be a few strips past the point of no return when you take note. A craftsman’s level can likewise help you cut straighter when you are cutting strips from the roll.

7. Cut Extra to Match Patterns

Your first wallpaper strip ought to be around four crawls longer than the stature of the divider. Strips after that ought to be no less than two creeps longer on the top and base yet may should be longer than the first to guarantee that the example matches.

8. Lay Cut Strips on the Floor

Once you’ve quantified and cut the principal strip—and you’re sure it’s the right size—lay it level out on the floor and measure the following strip. Ensure there is sufficient space at the top and base of the second strip that the examples line up effectively. You can utilize a pencil to name the back of the wallpaper in the event that you are setting up a few strips at once (the pencil markings won’t vanish when the paper gets wet). Laying everything out on the floor is much simpler than attempting to do it on the dividers.

9. Don’t Fold Strips Into Fourths

At the point when booking a strip (permitting a strip to “unwind” after the glue is enacted with water), don’t crease it into fourths. It is simpler to hang paper if there is a littler bit at the top. Along these lines, you can unfurl the littler divide and position the paper before unfurling the bigger bit.

10. Keep Booking Strips in a Plastic Bag

To guarantee your paper doesn’t dry out while it is reserving, wall it in a substantial plastic pack. This is likewise helpful in the event that you anticipate booking a few strips at one time.

11. Cut Power to Switches and Outlets

Turn off the force in the room before papering around switches and repositories. At that point, paper over them as though they were not there and make a slanting opening from inverse corners. Trim away the triangular folds and supplant the spread plate.

12. Double-Check for Imperfections Early

Twofold or even triple-check recently hung strips for air pockets and crease matches. Bubbles should be smoothed out as right on time as could be allowed, and creases ought to be balanced before the paste has too long to set.

13. Take Care of Excess Adhesive

Utilize your wipe to wipe any overabundance cement off the wallpaper, roof, and baseboards. Ensure you wash the wipe frequently and completely to expel however much of the paste as could be expected before extra utilize.

14. Sharpen Your Tools

Ensure your utility blade is sharp before trimming. Dull blades will bring about the wallpaper to tear and could prompt uneven lines or harmed wallpaper.

15. Trim Paper Carefully

Keep a wide putty blade between the wallpaper and the cutting edge when trimming. This will secure the paper and guarantee a straight cut. Additionally, don’t lift the blade edge until you’re finished with the cut.

An option approach to trim wallpaper is to utilize the back of a scissors cutting edge to check the edges on the divider covering. At that point, pull the paper far from the divider and trim it along the checked line with a scissors. Just endeavor this on the off chance that you can cut a straight line.

16. Use Push Pins

Push pins will keep long segments of fringe or paper secure. Place the pin in a lighter hued segment of the paper to minimize the odds of it appearing. Subsequent to expelling it, run the crease roller over the paper to smooth out the opening.

17. Use a Special Adhesive for Borders

You will require an exceptional glue in the event that you plan to hang verge on top of your wallpaper. You ought to give the wallpaper a chance to dry no less than 48 hours before hanging the wallpaper outskirt.

18. Paper Your Faceplates to Match

Faceplates are anything but not difficult to paper. Discover a scrap of paper that matches the territory of the divider by the faceplate. Once you’ve coordinated it, trim the paper so it is around one inch more extensive than the plate. You might need to sand or make preparations before applying the wallpaper, yet this is not generally essential. Lay the paper over the faceplate and verify that it adjusts. At that point, cut the paper with the goal that it is one-half crawl more extensive than the plate. Wet the paper and lay it over the plate. With your utility blade cut a little X (in the event that it is a container plate) or a line (on the off chance that it is a switch plate) where the gaps are. Twofold watch that the paper adjusts before trimming the overabundance paper away. Removed the sides of the paper and crease the edges around the sides. Trim the openings and utilize a nail to jab gaps where the screws will go. Reinstall the plate.