Have you thought of talking over a table top that is as creative as your ideas? Picture Pod helps you to bring that idea to life.  Our table top printing provides you the option of customizing furniture for a variety of residential and commercial spaces so you can use logos, graphics or photographs to create a stylish table top.

Picture Pod uses ChromaLuxe MDF panels that are durable, made with recycled material and 100% recyclable. Because images are infused directly into specially coated sheets of MDF, it offers unsurpassed color vibrancy, exceptional detail, color resolution and print permanence.  These table tops are made from moisture-resistant MDF and are a perfect way to promote artwork, logos or brilliant photography on durable, scratch-resistant tops.

The white base comes completely finished with a solid black back with keyholes, chamfered edges and a Gloss White coated surface. Wood Prints offer the same crisp, clean image reproduction as Metal Prints, but with a traditional look and feel. At Picture Pod two types of tabletops in square or round shape are available for customization in 75 cm.






Fade Resistant – The latest fade tests show that our prints will last a lifetime with resistance to yellowing and climate damage.





Chemical Resistant – The chemical resistant aluminum surfaces can be cleaned with ammonia, bleach, acetone or any all-purpose cleaners.





Scratch and Abrasion Resistant- Unique substrates and coatings provide incredible scratch and abrasion resistance.





Moisture Resistant – Our specialty coated prints are resistant to moisture, making them the perfect choice for any environment.

Boost the appeal of your custom printed table top by mounting it on premium metal chrome or black metal powder coated base and display them in style. These easy-to-assemble and durable stands are the perfect base for your custom printed table top.

Get all of these done at where we offer you the freedom and flexibility to Upload, Customize & Print!

Feel free to drop us a note on or ring us on ********, should you require any clarifications or assistance.

Go Unique with Picture Pod!




Picture Pod uses ChromaLuxe, the leading brand of sublimation print media providing ultimate image clarity and vibrancy. Through dye-sublimation, images are infused into specially coated surfaces to provide the most durable, longest lasting print medium.

Whether you are a professional photographer or fine artist, architect or designer or even an amateur photographer Picture Pod brings a wide range of substrates ideal for everything from the highest quality fine art printing, for home decor, to multiple interior design usages.


For many years canvas and acrylic prints have been very popular for home wall decor. ChromaLuxe is the new acrylic or canvas! If you are looking for large prints to decorate your walls, ChromaLuxe provides a stunning masterpiece to hang in your home – the better way of presenting your photographs as high end wall decor.

Aluminum panels are lightweight, durable, made with recycled material and 100% recyclable. They are the perfect medium for displaying artwork and photography in a variety of applications from residential to commercial usage.

The prints pop with color rendering an almost 3 dimensional effect. These are easy to hang because they are not heavy and are easy to wipe clean.

Why Metal Prints?





Color Brilliance – Images are infused directly into our specialty coated metal sheets, creating unsurpassed color vibrancy and resolution.





Scratch Resistant – Unique substrates and coatings provide incredible scratch and abrasion resistance.





Fade Resistant – The latest fade testing shows that our prints will last a lifetime with resistance to yellowing and climate damage.





Lightweight – All of our products are lightweight and extremely durable, making transportation and display easier than ever before.





Flame Resistant – All ChromaLuxe products meet ASTM standards for flame spread and smoke development.





Easy to clean – Our metal prints can be wiped clean with a cloth and any all-purpose cleaner, allowing your image to shine hassle free.

But there is also a whole range of smaller sizes which are great for photos of your family, your kids or pets.   Create gallery quality wall art by pairing multiple metal panels/prints together. Use multiple images to create a collage or one image across the series.

Get all of these done at where we offer you the freedom and flexibility to Upload, Customize & Print!

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Get ready for Mother’s Day Gifts 2018

Mom – The woman who loves unconditionally from birth… the one who puts herself before kids in adverse situations…. the one who can always be counted on above everyone else.

Sharing problems with her makes one feel better because mom always know how to strengthen her kids. At all times, she’s just looking out for best interests of her kids.

Mother’s Day is celebrated on 21st March.  But at Picture Pod, we believe every day is Mother’s day, because she’s on duty all the 365 days a year. So when Mother’s Day rolls in, no gift is better than a personalized one.

Picture Pod brings a good range of gift options which is sure to surprise your mom. Choose T-shirts, Cushions or Canvas, to tell her how much she means to you.

And since these are personalized, they are sure to become your mother’s favorites and will be treasured, bringing a smile on her face.

Customized T-shirt Printing –


Each person is different and has a unique design perception! At Picture POD we work with you to create unique prints for your wardrobe, home, gifts and accessories to showcase your distinctive taste. In this blog, we discuss Personalized T-shirt Printing – a very popular gift choice, perfect corporate branding tool and the ideal medium to make a personal statement.

At Picture POD, we give our customers endless options to create personalized t-shirts and we know that often final products does not match the original idea. To ensure that your finished t-shirt is exactly as you envisioned it, we have created a unique solution – the Smart Editor. Picture POD’s online tailor – the Smart Editor, lets you select type, size, colour of your t-shirt and then customize it by using your own art, text and designs. You can also access our online library for clip arts, fonts and explore interesting images and backgrounds.

There are many ways to transfer images, text and artwork on a t-shirt.  In this blog, we will focus on the two most popular Heat Transfer Methods – Print & Cut and CAD Cut.

Print & Cut Method is the easiest way to transfer images on a fabric. It produces an exact replica of an image and can work with unlimited colours and shapes. The Print & Cut method has endless options, as it lets you transfer any intricate design or image on your t-shirt. Ideally suited to recreate photos, collages etc.

CAD Cut Method is commonly used for creating numbers, names and logos to be transferred onto t-shirts, leather products, bags, table cloths etc.  It has a range of textures, finishes, colours and it can create lovely effects with depth and texture using various 3D XPD, 3D techno, and PS films.

Print & Cut

Now you can say bye-bye to boring t-shirts because Picture POD lets you design your own t-shirts with your original graphics, art, images and text. We want you to wear your exclusive passion as your fashion and that is why our Smart Editor lets you see and edit the look of your t-shirt before it is printed.

 Step 1: Find something that you would like to see on your t-shirt. You may choose an image of your loved ones and customize it with a personal message. With no restrictions on color, the Print & Cut method lets you elevate every image, design, or art composition as a personal fashion statement.

Step 2: Upload your files on Picture POD’s Smart Editor.

You can select images or backgrounds from Smart Editor’s online library or upload your original creations. After selecting the kind of t-shirt you would like, its base colour and your size, you can adjust the placement and size of the image. Use corner handles for proportionate resizing. The Smart Editor lets you play with the options of text, clipart and vector images to enhance your initial design and see the various options. Once you are happy with your t-shirt’s look, simply click ‘Add to Cart’ and choose the number of t-shirts you would like to order.

Step 3: Confirm the order by making a secure payment.

Step 4: Receive your t-shirt, we are sure you will have no difficulty in flaunting it.


Now you can carry the motivation of your favorite sportsperson or watch a match in your team’s jersey. Picture POD lets you print your favorite logos, quotes and text on t-shirts, just the way you want. Simply upload your designs (SVG format file) or choose something from Smart Editor’s wide range of clip arts and text options to create a t-shirt that you would want to wear or gift.

Step 1: Find something that you would like to see on your t-shirt.It could be a quote, a logo, a funny pun or you could infuse life into your doodles and graphics by printing them on your t-shirt. It is important that the image is in Vector or SVG format.

Step 2: Upload files on Picture POD’s Smart Editor.

You can add your own text as a special message for an event, family gathering, or as a special gift. With numerous styles, sizes, and colors, your choices are endless! After selecting the kind of t-shirt you would like, its base colour and your size, you can adjust the placement and size of the image. Use corner handles for proportionate resizing. Once you are happy with your layout, simply click ‘Add to Cart’ and choose the number of t-shirts you would like to order.

*Please note due to a limited set of colours in the heat transfer material, we recommend that you send an email with the artwork to Picture POD ( so that our design team can ensure the ideal printing layout, colors, and settings.

Step 3: Confirm the order by making a secure payment.

Step 4: Receive your t-shirt, we are sure you will have no difficulty in flaunting it.

Picture POD’s expertise is not limited to printing, we are also committed to timely delivery – even for bulk orders. Over the years, we have printed hundreds of t-shirts for organizations, schools and sports teams, never missing a timeline and never missing a pixel.

Picture POD printed these t-shirts recently. So start designing your t-shirts because we are ready to print them for you.










Material of t-shirt Polyester Cotton Mix Cotton Mix
Transfer Material PS Film White PS Film Gold Stripflock
Quantity 50 100 400


Picture POD lets you drape your walls with Customized Wallpaper

Picture POD lets you drape your walls with Customized Wallpaper that reflect your distinctive taste in décor. You can select prints, colours and patterns for your wallpaper that match your brand, your interiors or your mood and breathe a new life into your home and office space.

Wallpapers make lasting impressions and they are the surest way to give any room a trendy makeover, however, selecting a wallpaper can feel like a chore, especially when you are limited by standard, dull patterns. So, why not print your own using the Evergreen fabrics from Dickson Coatings (France) which is eco-friendly, PVC free, flame retardant and non-reflective. Picture POD has a team of designers that help you in creating the perfect print for your walls so you can let your walls truly be a reflection of your unique persona.

Picture POD’s Smart Editor gives you a wide range of patterns, prints and shapes with the option to change their color and size to suit your walls.

Whether you are looking for custom wallpaper for your home or office, Picture POD can turn your vision into a reality by creating the custom look that you want. Simply upload an image to the ‘Smart Editor’ to see the layout of your design on walls, you can rely on our experts to provide the support that your designs need.

Installing Dubai’s skyline in a hotel lobby

Your work space is the physical embodiment of your aspirations and a mirror to your clients and guests. In a recent installation our client, a 5-star hotel, wanted to change the look of their lobby. The client wanted a wallpaper that showcased Dubai, its high-rise buildings and skyline but in a minimalistic manner which matched the colours of their décor. Picture POD team worked with the client to create the 10 meters X 2.7 meters wallpaper, on the Evergreen fabrics from Dickson Coatings with Jet Tex – Blanc texture. Matt finish of the wallpaper was a perfect match for the client’s furniture, décor and elevated the interiors in a cohesive manner.

Simply upload your Artwork on the Smart Editor to have a visual of the final product and edit if you wish to.

Creating a ‘forest’ window in a school’s office.

In another interesting installation, Picture POD was given the task of creating a wallpaper that looked like a window to greenery and outdoors. The client, one of the most popular schools in Dubai, wanted to change the dull look of their office by adding the image of a calm, green forest to one wall. PicturePOD worked with the client to create this 8 meters X 2.6 meters wall cover in Jet Tex- Blanc texture whose matt finish transformed the space. The vivid colors, clear printing, and perfect adhesion ensured that the image seemed lifelike. At Picture POD, we use high-quality, fade-resistant inks that will stay beautifully vibrant for years to come.

Customers can edit their images, artwork or designs on the Smart Editor and compare the versions before making a final decision.



Canvas Framing with Picture POD


In this Picture POD blog, we have a look at the magical GOframe 1500 PRO System. Magical because the framing system is designed to be the ultimate solution for quick, crisp, and hassle-free framing for all medium and large sized frames. This canvas framing process involves no additional tools, adhesives, measurements or people- it is easy to do on your own and it takes few minutes only.

Our Canvas Framing System with new improved positioning corners and bars makes framing a canvas in a stretched gallery wrap an easy 5-minute job. At Picture POD we always aim to create a perfectly printed canvas that is ready for display and we achieve that with our Canvas Framing System. The stretcher bars, corresponding to the dimensions of the finished frame, are made from the best grades of North American basswood which is ideal for museum quality frames due to its stability, low resin, and lignin content. The frame’s wood is treated by kiln drying to a moisture content of below 8% which eliminates warp or shrinkage at a later stage.

Before we learn how to frame our Canvas, it is important to know basics of wrapping.
Gallery Wrap is a method of stretching an artist’s canvas so that the canvas wraps around the sides of the stretcher bar and is secured to the back of the wooden frame. Sides of the canvas that wrap around the frame carry the canvas’s image. This is also called an Image wrap.

Museum Wrap is different as the image is displayed only on the face of the frame only. The sides of the canvas that wrap around the frame are left white, or a colour from the image can be used as a border.
Mirror Wrap is different as the parts of the image closest to the edge simply get mirrored over the sides of the canvas as a mirrored image. This is a bit different from an image wrap, which simply continues the image over the side; a mirror border literally mirrors what is at the edge and extended it to the frame’s sides.
The Canvas Framing Systems at Picture POD work with all the wraps as the variations in wrap is a consideration at the time of actual printing. Picture POD’s Smart Editor gives you the option to have your canvas frame’s edges printed as an extension of the image or in a specific colour.

The Canvas Framing System comes with 4 positioning corners, trimmer, blade pack, U shaped fasteners and frame bars. You can order frames in a range of sizes and mix and match the sizes to create interesting collages. The width of frame in the GOframe 1500 Standard Range is 0.95 cms thick and width of frame in the 1500 PRO Range is 2.22 cms thick, both are 3.81 cms high. Picture POD has; 40cms X 40cms, 40cms X 60 cms, 60 cms X 60 cms and 100 cms X 100 cms sizes available for order.


It is very important that your plans for DIY canvas framing do not get doused in dripping glue or messy adhesives, which is why the framing bars of our Canvas Framing System come with a high-quality adhesive tape which eliminates glue mess or accidental adhesion.

The most frustrating part of framing is often the alignment, a slight miscalculation or misplacement can lead to a wrong cut or a lopsided framing. Picture POD’s Canvas Framing System completely eliminates the need to manually align the frame by using corner clamps that ensure perfectly alighted stretcher frames. These corner clamps don’t just ensure perfect 90-degree angles but they also distance the canvas from the bars so that the adhesive tape does not touch the base. You can be sure that the canvas is in the center of the frame by simply lining up the edges of the frame bars.

The stretching bars fit on the corner clamps to create the flat shape of the final frame, without any hammers, scales, staplers or nails. Once the frame is assembled simply place it over the image, use the guidelines of the canvas to trim the excess canvas off, if required. Once the canvas is trimmed exactly in size we lay it over the inverted image, so that the edges of the yellow corners are flushed with the edges of the canvas.
Gently push the bars downwards so that the adhesive makes contact with the image. This adhesive would be sufficient to ensure that the canvas stays intact and it is advisable to not touch the adhesive or lay it on the canvas until this step.

With all 4 bars now adhered, simply trim the corners of the canvas as that area will not be required in framing. It is easy to cut these triangular areas, as the corner clamps provide us with easy guidelines. Next we run our blade throught the slit in the corner clamp, this splits the canvas for folding on the adjacent bars.

After the cut, simply remove the corner clamp and fold the cut canvas corners to the bar’s adhesive on all four corners.

The frame is formed by bringing two adjacent sides together and firmly inserting the U shaped fastener in the grooves provided, you may use a small hammer to secure its position. Repeating the same for all side we see the upright frame and we can remove the adhesive layer from all four sides. To ensure that the adhesive sticks to all side properly, press the excess canvas down on the stretched bars, follow the first side with the opposite side and then the remaining sides.

We can often frame an image or canvas but its surface is not tense and after some time it feels rather droopy but Picture POD’s Canvas Framing System solves this problem by providing tensioners. These tensioner are small bars that fit snugly into place to allow for more tension that produces a drum like feel to the canvas. For a larger canvas, it is advisable to use a central bar for additional support.
So say good bye to nails, glues, scales, and accidents to experience the simple elegance of framing with Picture POD’s simple and effective Canvas Framing System.


Picture Pod- Here We Are!

At Picture POD, we celebrate your unique design perception and that is why we develop print solutions by focusing on your distinctive personal choice. We aim to showcase the unique flair which drives each individual, especially while decorating spaces and personalizing gifts. As a leading online print production and design company, Picture POD is dedicated to helping our customers stand out from the crowd with premium personalized printing solutions.

Sometimes you can’t decide the right design or you have the inspiration but need the tools to add life to your creativity. Picture POD helps you unleash your ideas to customize your walls, apparel, gifts, branding products, and décor items with your own artwork, photos, and text. Whether you are seeking customized wallpapers for your home, t-shirts for your startup or personalized gifts for a festival, Picture POD wants to help you shine. We aim to empower you to do what you do best — grow your business, build meaningful connections, and make a lasting impression.

Picture POD has a wide range of products that can be printed as per your design specifications, whether you need merchandise for your brand or ideas for redecorating your home – we will provide all the solutions you need. From wallpapers, wall art, canvas prints, fine art prints, and t-shirts, to gift items like mugs, caps, cushions, pens, coaster, mouse pads, golf balls, and USB drives- we have a plethora of options for you.

As a leading professional online printing company, Picture POD has been delivering premium printing service on a wide variety of materials to our customers. We strive to exceed expectations by partnering with our customers to understand and anticipate their design needs and by utilizing our technical expertise to produce products that are sure to charm.

Infographic –

InfographicMethods Followed:

  • Have a special print requirement?
  • Browse the list of products and services at Picture POD
  • Upload your design, art and/or text on Smart Editor
  • Consult with a Picture POD expert for a custom design
  • Make payments and confirm order
  • Sit back and receive your personalized prints from Picture POD

Picturpod Reveals Wall Covering Ideas

We shall look at the top 10 wall coverings and materials which are especially popular in modern home interiors. With the development of technology new materials and options complete traditional materials like wood, stone, paint and wall decoration ideas have become much more diverse.

In the gallery below you will see magnificent examples of wall covering ideas and original interiors, exclusive designs, unusual and traditional materials and creative ideas.

Traditional wall coverings with a modern twist

picturepod - wallcover -1

Decorating the walls is a key element in the interior. Trendy wall paint colors, murals, wallpaper – these have been used for many, many years. Today the world of interior design is full of new ideas and offers a new look of traditional wall coverings and a wide range of texture, colors and intricate patterns. Leather, stone, wood, ceramics, textiles, stone and mosaic – these wall covering materials are used back in ancient time and have not lost their popularity until today.

picturepod - wallcover -2

Stone wall covering is one of the most traditional and original ways to decorate and transform the interior of your apartment or house. Decorative stone walls have a special appeal and modern stone wall coverings can be found in a wide variety of finishes. Whether you opt for natural stone or decorative faux stone you will benefit from the textures, shapes and colors. Stone wall covering is used in many design styles – rustic, country, modern, contemporary, Mediterranean, etc.

picturepod - wallcover -3

Wood panels as wall coverings offer a practical solution with great visual appeal. Wood paneling is a great way to hide uneven wall surface and in addition wood wall panels have fantastic thermal and sound insulation properties. Wood is durable and eco-friendly and the market offers many varieties of wood wall panels from different wood species – pine, oak, walnut, birch, apple, and even exotic species. Further to the variety of wood wall covering ideas we have to mention the opportunities for using recycled wood, barn wood, pallet wood and those options are especially valued from fans of green designs and people concerned for Nature preservation. Decorative wooden wall panels give the interior an extraordinary appearance and show the taste, elegance and individuality of the home home.

picturepod - wallcover -4

Wallpapers are considered to be the most popular wall covering. A wide range of different colors, patterns and textures can decorate any room. The variety of wallpaper types is really wide – vinyl wallpapers, textile wallpapers, grasscloth wallpaper, photo wallpapers, 3D wallpapers, etc. The design options are unlimited in terms of patters – geometric patterns, floral patterns, ornate patterns in various styles and due to the relatively low price, installation and maintenance wallpapers are used in almost any room of the home – living room, bedroom, even bathroom.

picturepod - wallcover -5

Textile wall covering is an alternative to wallpaper and includes classic fabrics like silk and linen, but the market offers cotton, wool, burlap, etc. Fabric wall covering adds special warmth and comfort and have a long life span. Tufted wall panels from high quality materials look strikingly beautiful and are used in exclusive interiors which impress with sophistication and style.

Modern wall coverings – spectacular wall decorating ideas

picturepod - wallcover -6

Cork wall covering is a fantastic option for the people who seek for natural materials. Cork wall tiles or cork panels are a modern alternative to traditional wall coverings. Cork wall tiles are offered in a number of styles, patterns and shades and will be a fantastic complement to the interior design. Cork is a beautiful accent and with many outstanding properties. Cork walls can be seen in living rooms, kids’ rooms, bathrooms and everywhere they look stunningly beautiful. Cork has great insulating properties, absorbs sound it is environmentally friendly and can be recycled.

picturepod - wallcover -7

3D wall panels are a new dimension in modern home decor. They give your walls a unique look and emphasize your individuality. 3D wall panels can be manufactured from various materials. Eco-friendly wood wall panels add the natural beauty of wood to fabulous designs with great aesthetic appeal. 3D glass panels are another option, but they have a high price tag and due to the heavy weight people tend to opt for other alternatives like PVC wall panels. PVC wall panels are a suitable wall covering for areas with high moisture level, as they are resistant to water, easy to clean and very durable.

picturepod - wallcover -8

Leather wall covering is often seen in interiors that are designed to make a statement. Leather walls create a feeling of exclusivity, high end interior and works perfectly with natural wood, fur, as well as bronze and copper elements. Leather is soft, eco-friendly and durable. It is a breathable material, very warm and does not absorb odors. It has excellent noise insulating properties as well.

picturepod - wallcover -9

Plaster is one of the oldest known wall coverings. Modern decorative plaster has a distinguished look, simplicity, efficiency and originality. Plaster can be used as a final finish on the walls or as an intermediary for another material before application. The material provides unlimited decorative solutions and creative wall decorating ideas. Once applied, it can be painted, you could apply a satin finish to a particular pattern or any other finish so that it suits your home interior.

picturepod - wallcover -10

Brick wall covering is a characteristic feature of Industrial and loft interiors. Faux brick walls are widely popular as accent walls and you can see them in kitchens, living rooms and industrial bathroom designs. Bricks look fascinating and have many qualities which make them a popular choice for wall covering.

picturepod - wallcover -11

Ceramic tile and mosaics wall coverings may sound like an unusual solution to many people especially if we talk about wall decorating ideas for living rooms or bedrooms. However, once you get out of the stereotype, you will find out amazing ideas and decorative wall designs which are a real eye catcher. Tiles and mosaics will last a lifetime and will require as little maintenance as a wet cloth. Enjoy the gallery below and the fantastic wall coverings!

picturepod - wallcover -13 picturepod - wallcover -12picturepod - wallcover -16 picturepod - wallcover -15 picturepod - wallcover -17picturepod - wallcover -18 picturepod - wallcover -19 picturepod - wallcover -20


According to a report by The Boston Consulting Group, 91% of respondents across all age groups participating chose paint as their preferred wall covering. It was somewhat of a surprise to learn that 17% of respondents under the age of 35 revealed that they use wallpaper. Who knew that such a powerful young demographic had discovered the joys of papering their walls?

Wallcover Vs paint copy

Canvas Prints, Wallpapers and much more to decorate your home at the

The Picture Pod is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to decorate your home. Located in Office No. 13, Union Properties Compound, Al Quoz. P.O. Box 7070. Dubai. UAE. has a huge range of retail wallcovers from leading suppliers, such as; Jet Tex.

The online store has a wide selection of wallpapers, curtains and fabrics, and our friendly team are on hand to offer advice and guidance on the latest trends, colours, fabrics and applications to make your home decorating project easy. As well as huge stock lines of standard wallpaper, we also have a range of feature wallpapers to provide inspiration.

Visitors to the are assured of a welcoming experience and our experienced and knowledgeable customer support executives are on hand to help with difficult choices. In many DIY online stores it can be a case of blindly picking items online. Not so in the, we maintain our position as the leading independent decorating centre in the Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, RAK, UAE by not only carrying a wide ranging stock but by providing unbiased advice on how to use it. New products are continually being trialled and added to the range to reflect the changing face of the decorating market.

We are based on ffice No. 13, Union Properties Compound, Al Quoz. P.O. Box 7070. Dubai. and have ample parking and easy access to the store to pick up your products. The Decorating Centre is open from 8am – 6pm on weekdays and 9am – 5pm on Saturdays, allowing retail customers to browse in a more leisurely fashion. For out of town customers there is a door to door delivery service covering entire UAE.